New iteration over the ev++ improvement patch.

Leandro Lucarella llucax at
Mon Jan 21 06:02:54 CET 2008

Marc Lehmann, el 21 de enero a las 05:44 me escribiste:
> On Sun, Jan 20, 2008 at 04:51:02PM -0200, Leandro Lucarella <llucax at> wrote:
> > >   static struct
> > >   {
> > >     operator loop_ref () { return ...; }
> > >   } default_loop;
> > > 
> > > would be interesting to see what kinds of overhead this creates, if any.
> > 
> > I don't think it's going to work. Even if that struct takes no space, you
> > get a multiple definition error when linking multiple translation units.
> That would be a major bug in the compiler and/or linker? I doubt you will
> find a compiler that buggy nowadays.

GCC is that "buggy". But I don't think is a bug, because a variable has to
be addressable so it has to ocupy some space or at least point an unique
fake address :)

> > And then, it would be useful only for passing arround since to call any
> > methods you'll have to do something like
> > ev::loop_ref(ev::default_loop).method();
> Let's wait for c++0x and lets overwrite the . operator then. Or override
> the -> operator now:
>   ev_io myio (ev::default_loop);
>   myio.start (...);
>   ev::default_loop->run ();

It looks like you want me to rename loop() to run() =P

> Looks fine and sensible to me.

Not bad, but we still have the link problem...

> > But it would be so nice if we can sort out a way to use the default_loop
> > as an object.
> I think the above works.

I don't think it does. At least my trivial testcase got the linking
error with GCC.

> > We should provide an initialization method for the default loop and make
> > the default constructor a NOP though.
> The problem with thta is that you have no control over construction order
> and flags.

If we do what I said in the above paragraph, you have.

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