New iteration over the ev++ improvement patch.

Leandro Lucarella llucax at
Thu Jan 17 20:08:16 CET 2008

Well, after all the talking and thinking, this is what I came up with.

Main changes:
* The use of exceptions is now optional (configurable via
  EV_CXX_EXCEPTIONS). I don't know if:
  #define throw(exception) throw (exception)
  is valid preprocesor code though =)
  It could be easily changed to EV_THROW or something but I wanted to keep
  the syntax highlight ;)
* All the macro constant -> enum translation is moved to the top.
* Back to a loop_ref + dynamic_loop + default_loop scheme.
  - loop_ref has value semantics and is just a pointer wrapper (but with
    reference syntax ;). You can change a ev_loop* and a loop_ref without
    notice. You can create (or asign) a loop_ref from a ev_loop* and you
    can cast a loop_ref to a ev_loop*. You can check for equality between
    loop_refs and ev_loop pointers.
  - dynamic_loop and default_loop have both reference semantics (they are
    non-copiable and non-assignable), and provide automatic destruction.
  - No check is done when creating a default_loop to see if one is already
    created (could be trouble if ev_default_destroy() is called more than
* loop_ref::is_default() is provided using ev_default_loop in the meantime
  to implement fork() and destroy() in loop_ref (waiting to see if
  ev_loop_{fork,destroy} would accept a default or dynamic loop
* A new function ev::get_default_loop () is provided to get a loop_ref to
  the default loop. Once again, no check is done to ensure this function
  wont get called before actually creating the default loop.
* loop_ref::fork() is now named loop_ref::fix_fork().
* ev::time() is now named ev::now().
* ev::sleep() is now named ev::delay() (stolen from SDL ;).
* Watchers now store a loop_ref. Since you can assign a ev_loop* to a
  loop_ref, everybody should be happy now.

Patch and example attached. Documentation still missing (I'll do that when
the patch gets a technical OK =). I'll probably split the patch in
smaller, incremental changes.

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