Disabling the SIGCHLD handler

Tony Arcieri tony at clickcaster.com
Thu Jan 10 04:36:32 CET 2008

So, let's say we have an application that monitors signals through libev,

But, rather than using ev_child, we have our own (legacy) SIGCHLD handler
which does all sorts of fantastic legacy stuff and doesn't exactly map onto
ev_child very well...

It'd be super handy if there were a way to use libev's default loop to
receive signals, sans the built-in SIGCHLD handler.  Would you consider
adding an option to ev_default_loop() to allow for this?  Really all that's
needed is an if statement that checks the options passed to
ev_default_loop() and doesn't install the built-in SIGCHLD handler if an
option is passed to disable it.

And by the way, the hypothetical application I'm describing here is Rubinius

Tony Arcieri
ClickCaster, Inc.
tony at clickcaster.com
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