[Gvpe] Ideas for features

Thomas Koeppe thomas.koeppe at kdn.co.ke
Wed Jan 25 11:48:59 CET 2006

Hello all,

I've tested a number of open source L2VPN applications before, which 
were all quite nice but only provided point-to-point tunnels. Being a 
real multiport bridge makes GVPE a real advantage.

However, there are two features that would be very useful in a real 
bridge, so I wanted to ask if you have thought about those or if they 
are already being implemented:

1) Traffic shaping and policing: This would be very useful to allow 
several concurrent virtual bridges.

2) 801.2d features: View the MAC FDB, limits the FDB's size, disable MAC 
learning (i.e. flooding mode), MAC filtering; implement (R)STP so that 
the virtual bridge may participate in L2 topology discovery.

Many regards,


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