AnyEvent 7.15 released

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Tue Feb 26 03:10:44 CET 2019

AnyEvent 7.15 has been released and is on it's way to CPAN mirrors. The
Changes include mostly bugfixes, primarily to work around the badly
broken versions of Net::SSLeay currently circulating in many GNU/Linux

If AnyEvent 7.14 works for you, there is little reason to upgrade.

7.15 Tue Feb 26 03:07:42 CET 2019
        - INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: AnyEvent::Handle's tls_detect documentation gave
          separate major and minor versions, while code passed only a single
          value. This version follows the documentation and now passes separate
          major and minor values.
        - work around Net::SSLeay not having been ported to openssl 1.1, but many
          distributions compiling it against openssl 1.1, which unfortunately
          succeeds and results in a very broken module.
        - AnyEvent::DNS::dns_unpack now stores the original DNS packet
          in the __ member, to allow decoding of undecodable resouce records
          containing compressed domian names.
        - AnyEvent::Socket::parse_ipv6 would NOT, as advertised, accept ipv4
          addresses. It now does and converts them to ipv4 mapped addresses.
        - support CAA records, based on patch by Steve Atkins.
        - add freenom and cloudflare nameservers as dns fallback.
        - AnyEvent::Strict would not properly ward against io watchers
          on files when the handle passed was a file descriptor.
        - document "internal" variables used by the dns en-/decoder to allow
          enterprising users to extend them in a semi-official way.

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