Small fix to AnyEvent::DBI, does not close correctly on DESTROY/kill_child

Jerry Lundström jerry.lundstrom at
Wed Aug 28 09:25:19 CEST 2013

On Aug 27, 2013, at 17:18 , Marc Lehmann wrote:

> Hi, this is all very confusing. First of all, if SQlite corrupts it's
> database that would be a bug in sqlite. Regarding signals, it's possible
> that something sets it to ignore, but it looks as if, again, this would be
> a bug in sqlite (it has no business messing with signals).

Yes, I know that SQLite is very buggy and it's not someone else's job to fix broken software.

> I could try to reset the signal handler, in case it was set to ignore or
> so before forking, but sqlite shouldn't ignore it. I could also indeed ask
> the server differently to exit, if possible

But, having thought some more on this, if you use shutdown (2 for both ways) and skip sending a signal that will be a much cleaner way to indicate for the child process that it should end because sysread/syswrite will fail and you don't have to worry about broken database layers messing with the signals or if fact if the OS supports signaling in that way (Windows right?).

All in all, I would like to support SQLite in my application and seamlessly support SQLite's SQL_BUSY so I need to make my own module anyway.


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