AnyEventX Namespace?

Mike Schilli anyevent at
Sun Sep 9 19:48:04 CEST 2012

On Sat, 8 Sep 2012, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> That does mean that, if your module is not primarily _for_ AnyEvent,
> it should not even have AnyEvent in it's name.

Thing is, my module uses AnyEvent with Object::Event and consumes and emits
events, so the user should be aware that it's coded that way and tipped off by
its name.

Now of course we all know AnyEvent doesn't prescribe a particular event
loop and hence there's no need to point out that it's even involved, but
it's a certain programming style that I want to advertise. "Async::"

> Most modules seem to
> call themselves something like AnyEvent::XXX, though, so maybe that is
> what people expect most.

You might run into a case, though, where you add a core module to AnyEvent:: 
and someone else on CPAN has already taken the name (which you might not even 
be aware of).

If there's a distinct, officially encouraged, AnyEventX (or whatever) 
namespace, there's no potential for conflict. Just a thought.

-- Mike

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