AnyEvent::Util::run_cmd with pty conduit?

Mike Schilli m at
Mon Aug 20 20:04:12 CEST 2012

I'm running a command with AnyEvent::Util::run_cmd that detects if it's
running in a tty or not, and suppresses its output if not.

In the POE world, you can resolve this by using POE::Wheel::Run's "pty"

"The "pty" conduit type runs the child process under a pseudo-tty, which
  is created by IO::Pty.  Pseudo-ttys (ptys) convince child processes that
  they are interacting with terminals rather than pipes.  This may be used
  to trick programs like ssh into believing it’s secure to prompt for
  a password, although passphraseless identities might be better for that.
  (perldoc  POE::Wheel::Run)

Is there a similar solution for run_cmd in AnyEvent::Util or what's the
easiest way to convince the command that it's runnnig in a p/tty?

-- Mike

Mike Schilli
m at

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