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Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Mon Jun 25 13:53:51 CEST 2012

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 11:15:03PM -0700, gleeco <gleeco at> wrote:
> Am extra eyes on why AE::MP::DataConn does not work.

Hmm, it is only used by elmex, so I would not be surprised if it didn't work
under some condition.

> what else?  Looking at the, it is unclear why the address is
> shifted/deleted from %AE::MP::Global::addr  --thus making any 'global'
> reuse of that addr useless.  Intended?

No, I guess thats a bug - you can do

   my $addr = $AnyEvent::MP::Global::addr{$node};
   $addr = [@$addr];

And see if that works.

I need to rewrite that module before I release the next version (2.0)
anyway, which is high on my todo list (only dataconn and the tutorial need
to be changed).

> Am i missing something obvious?  I would love to see a more complete
> working example of DataConn in action (ie. within port context).  This
> seems like a really powerful feature inside AEMP, but maybe still a bit
> undeveloped.

Well, something like dataconn is an important feature to have for bulk
transfers. In fact, one of the planned but not implemented features was
a snd_bulk function that would send some bulk data to another port, hiding
the extra connection setup etc., but we are not there yet.

Thanks a lot for your test code, it will probably come in handy when
I rewrite dataconn for 2.0, although, unfortunately, I cannot state a
timeframe for that :(

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