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Wed Jan 20 22:06:18 CET 2010

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 04:11:10PM +1100, Winston Smith <smith_winston_6079 at> wrote:
> > Not sure whether any real people are still subscribed to this list, but
> > after a long hiatus we have real news.
> I'm still on this list :)
> I wouldn't want to miss * (great work and very good news re
> the bandwidth increase!) and the list.

The new server is now online (both and It
will take up to a day for DNS to update.

Bandwidth is currently limited to 1MB/s per client, and 3MB/s max, which
should be plenty for the time being.

About 150gb of new stuff is online, mostly hentai stuff, though.

I have about 60gb of manga in totally chaotic conditions, and lots of
single files, not sure when and how to get those online, maybe it's time
for an "unsorted" directory.

Some people will upload newer stuff as well.

What would be nice is if there were any fills for existing but incomplete
series :)

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